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Powerful Sink & Drain Cleaner

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Product Description:
Material: Alkaline Solvent and Surfactant
Size:4 x 10cm
Net Weight:110g
Number of Pcs:1PC

Material: Alkaline Solvent and Surfactant.
Powerful Sink & Drain Cleaner gets the job done by dissolving grease, hair, paper, soap scum, oils, and organic matter easily. Just be patient! It will take time to work.
Made of a non-corrosive formula that's safe on septic systems. It won't harm your drains, pipes or septic system.
Gram weight: 110G.Package Size: 10cm x 4cm x 4cm (3.93in x 1.57in x 1.57in).
Scope of application: kitchen water pipes, toilets, bathrooms, floor drains, oil clogging, sewage immersed pipes, and other drainage pipes(not suitable for aluminum products).

Package Included:
1 x Sink and Drain Cleaner