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Car Blue Spray

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1.This is a must-have item cleaning tool, especially in places where it is often difficult to clean up traces.High-efficiency cleaners are very easy to clean your car. High-tech patented products have good cleaning effects. No harm to human body. Mild smell
2.It can quickly remove the things that are difficult to clean, and the things that are restored are the same as new ones.
3.Rusty bicycle chains, bicycle frames, iron-made furniture, electrical appliances, etc. Just lightly spray and wait for 2 minutes, and you will see the rusted parts immediately recover like new ones

Press-type nozzle for convenience
The smell is not pungent, environmentally friendly
Together with 1pc of shovel and remove it with a single wipe
Quickly remove glue, do not hurt the paint, leave no trace, can be used in cars and homes, etc.
Net content: 30ML,100ML
Shelf life: 3 years
Qty: 1bottle

Package Includes:
1 x Adhesive Remover Agent