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Baby Hammock

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No More Restless Nights for the Little One – And For You as Well!


This Baby Hammock is the one for you, the best Safety Environment for Newborn, Our Baby Hammock just like a womb, it is a great transition for a newborn from being in the womb to sleeping in the crib mattress.



Great Helper for Parent, as a parent, especially for first-time parents who worries about infant couldn’t sleep, we strongly recommend this hammock for your baby; it will improve baby’s sleep quality.



  • Build Baby Self-soothe: This baby hammock helps babies to develop the capacity to regulate their own sleep early in life, but the child to bed awake allowing them to “self-soothe” and fall asleep on their own and to stay asleep longer.
  • High-quality Cloth: It’s made of durable high-quality cloth. The mesh is made of soft and comfortable cotton. It can also be folded, detachable, and is very portable. It is convenient for usage and storage.
  • Healthy-development for Baby: This baby hammock keeps away from dangerous hinges and electronic equipment, thus providing a healthy development for baby. It can also reduce the risk of a flat head syndrome, giving your baby a soft air to let their headrest, rather than hard mattresses.
  • Fit Most Cribs: normally it fits most standard baby’s cribs.
  • Easy To Install, Loosen all the four traps and attach them to the four corners on the crib is ok. If the crib is not big enough, please double wrap the straps two times or three times and adjust it fit on a crib.


Recreates a mother's womb

  • The airflow on the Baby Hammock is great. It boasts a 360-degree unrestricted airflow which gives the baby cool during hot summer nights while also reducing sweat and uncomfortable heat.
  • The size is designed to fit most cribs.  104cm x 76cm is perfect for infants of all sizes.  The adjustable straps make it easy to adjust to your crib.  We have not seen any cases where this hammock did not fit a crib.
  • The straps are well made using some of the toughest materials on the market.  It's strong and will easily hold up your child. The clips make it easy to detach this if you want to switch back and forth from using the hammock or your crib.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Infant Baby Hammock

Need another Baby Hammock for out in the family room?  At the cabin?  Or for relaxing out on the patio while your baby is sound asleep?  Bundle now and save!